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  • SHISHENG inflatable boat 090
  • SHISHENG inflatable boat 090
  • SHISHENG inflatable boat 090
  • SHISHENG inflatable boat 090
SHISHENG inflatable boat 090SHISHENG inflatable boat 090SHISHENG inflatable boat 090SHISHENG inflatable boat 090

SHISHENG inflatable boat 090

  • Material: 0.9mm PVC
  • Floor:Aluminum floor
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Accessories: paddle, repair kit, air pump
  • Description: SHICHENG inflatable boat is widely used inmilitary, rescue, fishing, family entertainment,water sports etc.

Why choose ShiSheng Inflatable Boat?


ShiSheng inflatable boat have all kinds of  size for your needs.

1We have specialized designers to design the appearance and waterproof parameters of the inflatable boat to ensure the coexistence of fashion and safety.

2The inflatable buoy is separated into multiple independent air Chambers, when the individual air chamber is damaged, other air chamber can still maintain their own buoyancy, to ensure the safety of the boat.

3Hull adopts high-quality PVC from 0.9 mm to 1.2 mm thick, it keeps high tightness, wear resistance, resistance to salt, high strength, anti-aging and anti-UV in the water.

4. The hull has four layers of overlap, which has good sealing and can withstand sudden external impact. We use high-quality special glue imported from South Korea, which has high durability and high adhesion, and is also excellent in heat resistance and cold resistance.

Post Sale Support

Our products have a three-year warranty, and we will actively solve the problems in the use process.


ShiSheng inflatable boat are made with high quality PVC, the seams are make handed, and accessories are attached with korea made adhesives. All of this adds up to make a dependable boat with great performance for years to come.


ShiSheng inflatable boat maintains a meticulous manufacturing process focused on quality control, including pressure, leak, UV, and stretch tests throughout the boat’s construction.  ShiSheng design team is constantly improving our inflatable boat designs and manufacturing quality controls to create superior inflatable boat products.